About Us page

Jacquis Felder is the Co-Founder and Co CEO of Cannabis Cash Coin. Jacquis is the man behind the scenes who oversees key initiatives such as exchange platform management, merchandising, talent acquisition, and partnerships. He is also responsible for managing all relationships related to offering cryptocurrency. Cannabis Cash Coin  was born out of Jacquis’ interest and passion for the cryptocurrency market. He quickly realized that this type of payment system would be ideal for cannabis consumers and dispensary owners. Alongside his brother Robert, he has helped launch a platform that provides both a seamless payment service and a mobile app to showcase dispensaries and their products.

Robert Felder is the Co-Founder and Co CEO of Cannabis Cash Coin. Robert is the driving force behind all key company strategies and decisions. He is heavily involved in all marketing and sales strategies due to his extensive business background. Furthermore, he sets the company’s milestones and objectives and works diligently to ensure his team has the resources to achieve them.

Robert founded this company with his brother Jacquis after identifying a strong need in the cannabis industry. Together, they developed a program that provides consumers a seamless transaction process and dispensaries and new ways to promote their brand and products. He is actively searching for ways to leverage his knowledge and passion for helping transform the cannabis industry.